Graduate Workshop in Computational Modeling

Homework Problem (2004)

Past homework problems: standing ovation (1995-97), is that seat taken (1998), you ought to be in pictures (1999), cocktail party (2000), deja vu (2001), network news (2002), and fire (2003).

Go Lance!

Consider the following situation:

A group of, say, 20 bike riders are competing in a long road race. In any pack of riders, the leader provides a big benefit to the other riders in the pack, and also receives a slight advantage over riding alone. What happens?

  • Model, using whatever techniques you wish, the above scenario.

  • Suggest some standard social science scenarios that could be usefully modeled using such a process.

    Potential Solutions (to submit your solution, email them to at the Graduate Workshop were given a very limited time to complete their homework):

    John H. Miller ,